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Paul Jacobson is a blog writer and contributor to eRestaurant. Paul is in charge of content for Altametrics products which include: eRestaurant and Xformity . When he’s not busy writing and researching restaurant topics, he enjoys dining out, mountain biking, and camping.

Restaurant Software: Streamlining Key Functions with Automated Management

The role of restaurant management software in restaurants is on the rise. Today, a majority of restaurants are using some form of automated technology to enhance performance and achieve the results they want. The reason for this is fairly simple to understand: there are too many operations to control.

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Food Costing: An Important Process for Restaurants and Why You Should Automate It

When it comes to restaurants, calculating revenue is fairly simple. You can invest in a quality POS system, which not only helps you track the sales but at the same time collects valuable information regarding your customers.

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Effective Restaurant Finance: The Key to Improving the Bottom-Line

As a restaurateur, paying attention to critical business processes is the key to improving the bottom-line. At the end of the day, a restaurant is a business. If you don’t get customers in, you won’t be able to survive, let alone thrive. It takes far more than a menu of delicious [...]

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Identifying the Need for a Web Report Writer for Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant can be headache-inducing. There are just so many different factors to keep an eye on. As a restaurateur, you want to achieve success and growth in order to expand your business, but at the back of your mind you might be concerned about [...]

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Will Software Help Your Restaurant

For a restaurant, there are numerous variables to consider. The cost of the food, the quality of the food, and the guest experience are all factors that will determine the success of your business. Today, restaurants that want to achieve optimal success are investing in [...]

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How to Increase Your Store’s Sales with Real Time Reports

Real time reports are growing in importance in the retail world. In addition to showing a store’s activity as it happens, it provides owners with summaries of important data such as store purchases and visitor history. Real time reporting can also provide your store with [...]

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Concise Report Generation 101

Whether you own a restaurant or chain of retail stores, you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks to ensure your business’ efficiency and productivity while also looking to cut costs without affecting quality whenever you can. Despite having so much on your plate,[...]

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Are You Missing Out on These Benefits of Restaurant Operation Reports?

Restaurant operations entail every process you undertake to serve your guests. This is why they stretch beyond your kitchen systems to the dining area and all the way to your back office. [...]

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Why Your Competitors Love Web-Based Reporting

Reporting is one of the vital functions of any business. Not only does it help you stay on top of the operations at your store or restaurant, it also ensures that you never miss any lucrative opportunities. However, you can reap more benefits by opting for web based reporting software. With the whole world embracing […]

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How Altametrics Business Intelligence Personalized Custom Reports Can Increase Revenue

Personalized reports are vital for enhancing sales. If you have not experienced the benefits of personalized reports, chances are that you’ve missed many opportunities that could have otherwise improved your bottom line. [...]

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