You may have been delivering a customized experience to everyone who walks through your stores’ doors. However, have you ever considered personalizing your own office reports? If you’ve been using generic reporting templates and techniques, chances are that your back office employees are putting extra time and effort into data collection to find KPIs that aren’t covered in their current reports. After all, your focus and goals may not be the same as Wal-Mart or Target, especially if your chain is relatively younger.

Aside from including the different performance indicators your stores focus on, customized reporting offers the following benefits.

  • Quicker Action – If your reporting software allows you to generate custom reports, you can easily define the fields you want to see. As a result, you can save the time you would have otherwise spent on reading an unnecessarily long report trying to find the information you need. Instead, you can utilize that time to take
    action that would benefit your bottom line and mitigate risks.
  • Easier Sharing – Not all of your stores’ stakeholders need to see the same information that you do. However, generating different sets of reports will waste time even if all your employee needs is to copy and paste separate sections. With custom office reports, you can determine the factors that mean the most to you and decide which ones to share with your business partners, suppliers and even employees. As a result, you can keep morale high while working at the back end on improving performance and ensuring your success.
  • Convenient Auditing – One of the important set of office reports you will need are those that could be audited, such as your tax reports. However, overwhelming your back office employees with so much information can be very costly, especially since their mistakes are more likely to incur hefty fines. By providing your employees with customizable reports-, they can select the data they need with a few clicks and generate all the reports they need. This will spare them from spending hours mining data and even help them provide printed proof of your financials.
  • Full Control of Your Brand – If anything screams “success”, it’s the fact that you’ve customized every aspect of your business, including your back end office reports. After all, you’ve spent a handsome amount on excellent reporting tools that can ensure the flexibility everyone wants. However, keep in mind that you should be selective of the software you implement at your chain of stores. The last thing you need is for your reports to be inefficient and inaccurate; after all, your brand’s reputation is at stake.

Customize-Back-Office-ReportsWhether you’re yet to customize your reports or would like to change tools to ensure accuracy and value, we can help. The choice of popular retailers such as Meineke, Altametrics Business Intelligence is one of the top business intelligence software solutions out there. Our clients applaud its ability to work seamlessly with their business applications and easy-to-use interface. However, the true power of Altametrics Business Intelligence lies in its reporting features, which allow you to generate all kinds of office reports. As a result, you get to view the data you need and ensure your compliance with regulators and authorities. The software’s simplified transaction level analysis tools further allow you to determine trends and anomalies within minutes. As a result, you can prevent people and actions that may be hemorrhaging your business of funds.

As we understand the importance of your time, we invite you to run our Data Visualizer. Using graphs and charts, you can easily view any report you create in graphical format and even print them for later. To further help you save your time, Altametrics Business Intelligence is available on both iPhone and Android. So view and create the office reports you need within seconds.

To see how Altametrics Business Intelligence can help your retail stores thrive with custom reports, request your own customized demo today.