Gone are the days when reporting was handled by Excel sheets and printouts. Thanks to restaurant report generators, you can now bid farewell to these time and energy-consuming methods. What also makes this software so great is that you can access the data you need anywhere if it’s backed up on the cloud and accessible on any device. However, the biggest benefit top reporting tools offer is customized reports. Based on the restaurant metrics that are most important to you, you can make swift decisions that can make your operations more profitable.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are seven common restaurant report templates you can create with top reporting software.

Restaurant Sales Report

As a business, sales are your top priority. After all, they’re the cornerstone of your business. Through a restaurant sales report, you can view all the transactions completed during any time period you define. You can also focus on net sales, gratuity, tips, table turn time, and a breakdown of payment methods. You can further drill down specific categories such as sales by server and individual dishes sold, further honing your money saving strategies and optimizing your menu.Restaurant-Report-Management-300x236

Labor Reports

Another vital restaurant sales report, a labor report will give you an idea of how your labor is translating into sales. When included in your dashboard, it provides a summary of each of your employee-related metrics such as labor cost percentage. Through this document, you can also discover employees slacking off during the busiest time and make decisions accordingly. You can also gauge the performance of top waiters as you can compare servers through these reports.

Sales Exceptions Reports

Sale exception reports are a necessity for a restaurant because they allow you to view all voids, discounts and refunds each server had to make. Traditionally, a blank exception report indicates that your team is running efficiently whereas a clogged one means that your team requires additional training. In addition to analyzing your team’s efficiency, a sales exception report will allow you to identify specific servers and managers who may be giving and approving exceptions. Therefore, you’ll know the employees you need to monitor closely to ensure higher productivity.

Product Mix Reports and Menu Reports

Since your restaurant’s success revolves around the food you serve, you need to ensure that the chef you hired and their selections have gained the approval of your patrons. With product mix and menu reports, you can easily monitor menu sales and to determine how each item affects your sales. When integrated into your dashboard, this restaurant sales report will help you identify top menu groups, items and modifiers. If you want to be more thorough, you can generate this report by time and day of week.

Accounting Reports

Remember how death and taxes are the only things you can be certain about? Well, Benjamin Franklin was definitely on to something. Tax season can be very hectic in the restaurant industry, especially if your reports need updating and your accountant is busy collecting data. With automated reporting software, you won’t have to worry about tracking data since the system will uncover the restaurant’s assets, liabilities, expenses and revenue. When displayed on your dashboard, your general ledger report will make bookkeeping transparent. As a result, your accountants won’t charge you overtime or become a liability themselves.

Real-Time Reports

When you’re running a restaurant chain, you can’t physically be at all places at once. However, there comes a time when you need instant data to determine performance. For instance, you may want to find out how restaurant B is doing during the busy holiday. Online reporting tools will provide you with real-time data based on the criteria you set. As a result, you can get a better idea of how many customers walked in, what they’ve ordered and much more. Real-time reports will also prevent fraud and employee theft.

Guest Behavior Reports

The best report generators can easily be integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, giving you a better idea of guest behavior. This type of report will help you in multiple ways; for starters, it’ll identify which customers you can turn into brand evangelists once you gain their loyalty. You can also delve into individual customer patterns, identifying detailed information such as average check and most frequently ordered items.

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