In most cases, it probably wasn’t long ago since you introduced your store to the wonders of reporting software. Through your new comprehensive system, you may have been able to generate all the reports you need, starting from sales reports to labor performance. However, as hard as this may be to hear (or read in this case), it’s time for you to make another change and embrace online sales software. These cloud-based applications provide retail managers and owners of store chains to avail the benefits of a new way of storing reports, accessing information and further optimizing their operations.Cloud-Based-Sales-Reporting-Software-300x236

If you’re still not sold on the idea of cloud-based sales reporting software, the following five benefits are bound to change your mind.

1. Fewer Costs – Opting for online sales software will reduce your overhead since you won’t need to purchase servers or make necessary upgrades to your IT infrastructure.

2. Additional Security – Cloud computing providers tend to implement multiple security measures to protect your data as it moves as well as in their servers. With the help of an extra secure server, your private data will not be accessible except by authorized individuals. Cloud-based sales software also ensures your compliance with legalities and regulations set by your local government.

3. Easy Integration Across All Stores – If you run a chain of retail stores, implementing conventional sales reporting software may be inefficient as it consumes both your money and time. Besides the products of these systems may not available beyond a single store, making reporting at organization level very difficult. However, an online solution facilitates a consistent and unified approach as it stores data in a central location and allows access anywhere, anytime. You can also ensure that changes are made uniformly across all locations even if you update only one node.

4. Convenient Upgrades – You need upgrades on a regular basis in order to ensure your business’ competitive edge. However, updates require time, a resource your store’s IT staff may not have a lot of. Luckily, cloud-based sales software can save your time since your service provider will schedule regular update when your staff’s home or during off-peak hours to avoid messing up your routine.

5. Business Continuity –Although no one likes to think about it, natural disasters like floods, fires and tornadoes happen all the time. If you aren’t able to access your sales data and reports, you won’t be able to optimize your operations in the future or even make accurate predictions. Therefore, ensure business continuity regardless of what happens around you by having your essential data in the cloud.

If you still haven’t embraced the popular trend of using online sales reporting software, now is the best time for you to do things right and reap the benefits. Xformity is finally available for all retail store and restaurant owners. The business intelligence and reporting solution offers immediate, actionable and reliable reports and dashboards. The choice of over 10,000 restaurants across the U.S., this flexible system has helped many of our clients achieve up to 2% per unit profit improvement.

We can help you too! Request a customized demo today and let us show you why our cloud-based reporting and sales software is the perfect addition to your business.