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Why Establishing a Business Reporting Format is Important for Your Business

Business reports are essential documents as they convey important information about different aspects of your business, starting from labor to sales. Therefore, they’re vital for decision makers as well as stakeholders. [...]

Five Tips for Effective Store Retail Management

Retail managers have a tough time facing the challenges that come their way due to the industry’s fast-paced, competitive environment. What’s worse is that upper management expects them to maximize productivity [...]

Big Data and the Growing Need for Data Solutions in the Restaurant and Retail Industries

Big data, or large data sets that are analyzed to reveal trends, patterns and associations, is the biggest thing to hit the restaurant and retail industries in the past two decades. Many members of both retail [...]

5 Reasons to Get Cloud-Based Sales Reporting Software Now

In most cases, it probably wasn’t long ago since you introduced your store to the wonders of reporting software. Through your new comprehensive system, you may have been able to generate all the reports you [...]

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools empower organizations to retrieve, process, transform, and report their data in productive, usable forms, powerful enough to revolutionize the way they do business. [...]

Big Data to Improve Guest Management

Left on its own, data has a tendency to sit idly by. However, raw data combined with business intelligence tool can be powerful. Powerful enough that it can help you get to know your customers better [...]

Great Ways to Prevent Employee Theft

Each and every establishment owner wants a team of employers they can trust, and employee theft is something that no restaurant owner wants to experience. According to a National Restaurant Association study in 2013 [...]

Restaurant Business Intelligence: Harness the Power of Data to Elevate Your Food Business

Restaurants gather large amounts of data at staggering rates. As a food business owner, you probably look through endless spreadsheets of kitchen inventories, guest reservations [...]

What is Big Data?

In the restaurant industry there is so much information flowing through the systems every day. These little bits of data are known as big data. Big data includes items such as the information on a sales/order ticket, the number of customers who came in after 5pm and ordered the special, the amount of overtime paid out this week, and so much more. [...]

4 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help

1. Business intelligence software can help you interpret key data faster. With advanced visualizations, you can choose between multiple different ways to display detailed data, making it easier to use and understand. Instead of merely printing out a spreadsheet and passing [...]