The restaurant and foodservice industry is constantly changing and evolving. Unless you’re aware of new trends, chances are that you’ll miss out on many opportunities that come knocking at your door. With the help of a restaurant operations report, you can measure profitability and ensure that you’re ahead of your competition. Simply put, restaurant operations reports provide you and every manager in your chain with valuable data including operating results and profitability targets. You can use this data to identify areas of improvement and analyze operations, giving you the ability to optimize your operations.

To help you make the most of your restaurant operations report and boost your profit potential, follow the tips detailed below.


Use Data to Keep Your Clients Happy

By tracking operational data, you can determine the factors which keep your clients happy and drive them to choose your restaurant over the competition. For instance, knowing which ingredients tend to deplete quickly will allow you to find out which dishes are most popular with your patrons. As a result, you can stock up to meet demand or even create similar menu items to satisfy consumer tastes.

Reward the Most Efficient Employees

One aspect of business operations your restaurant operations report will tackle is the performance of the people working at your establishment. Some of the best report generators will allow you to track labor, helping you determine which employees have contributed to your success so far. You can reward these individuals with a raise or any incentive you deem appropriate, motivating them to excel and also pushing others to follow their lead. You can even use their expertise and loyalty to train new staff. On the other hand, your operation reports generator will also help you weed out inefficient workers, reducing the burden they put on your operations.

Optimize Your Supply Chain and Inventory Levels

By analyzing the data of your operation reports, you can optimize and boost your inventory management and supply chain operations. For instance, by identifying how many days’ worth of inventory is sitting on your shelves and comparing it with your patrons’ transaction data, you can easily lower your food costs by 2-4% in a few weeks. An operation reports generator works seamlessly with other systems at your restaurant; therefore it’ll ensure that your reports are up-to-date and accurate.

To successfully pull these techniques off and improve your bottom line, you’ll need to ensure the accuracy of your restaurant operations report. Therefore your business intelligence solution should go beyond business reports and provide you with detailed sales reports to create efficient operations and complete labor reports. Your system should also generate ad hoc reports, offer simplified transaction level analysis, and allow you visualize data so you can recognize trends quickly.