Concise Report Generation 101

Whether you own a restaurant or chain of retail stores, you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks to ensure your business’ efficiency and productivity while also looking to cut costs without affecting quality whenever you can. Despite having so much on your plate,[...]

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How Altametrics Business Intelligence Personalized Custom Reports Can Increase Revenue

Personalized reports are vital for enhancing sales. If you have not experienced the benefits of personalized reports, chances are that you’ve missed many opportunities that could have otherwise improved your bottom line. [...]

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The Key Benefits of Creating Custom Reports for Your Restaurant

Restaurants constantly need to generate reports to ensure that they’re ahead of the tough competition in the foodservice industry. These can be monthly, weekly or even daily depending on the reporting software you have implemented and your own requirements. However, there’s some bad news: you may be missing out on a few benefits since you […]

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4 Benefits of Enterprise Reporting Software

Your supervisors, financial analysts and others in charge of generating reports may not be performing at their maximum capacity. Tracking quantities, crunching numbers and generating reports require both time and energy. This means that they won’t be able to carry out other tasks detailed in their job description. And if they overexert themselves, chances are […]

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Revitalize the Value Growth of your Organization with Business Intelligence Reporting

Are you looking for a system that could help you manage all your business reporting and data management in the most efficient manner? Look no further. Altametrics Business Intelligence reporting will help you generate intelligent and useful [...]

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Ad Hoc Reporting tool and software

Ad hoc Reporting – Create important Business Reports when you need them! What could be better than a reporting tool that facilitates you to create any report you need when you need it, without worrying about the source of the data? Altametrics Business Intelligence quick-click report builder will have you creating custom reports within minutes. [...]

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Advanced Reporting Tool and Data Solutions

With intense competition in the hospitality industry, restaurant and hotel managers are forced to reevaluate their operations and improve them so that they are able to utilize their limited resources in the best possible manner. Making use of a restaurant management tool, you’ll not only be able to save [...]

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Customized Business Reports

While there are a number of different ways through which organizations can improve their overall efficiency and productivity, advanced software and solutions like business intelligence systems play a vital role in helping businesses achieve their goals and objectives.[...]

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