Ad hoc Reporting – Create important Business Reports when you need them!

Ad-Hoc-Reporting420x330What could be better than a reporting tool that facilitates you to create any report you need when you need it, without worrying about the source of the data? Altametrics Business Intelligence quick-click report builder will have you creating custom reports within minutes.

This means, you’ll be able to easily create reports making use of relevant pieces of information for your overwhelming business data, thereby allowing you to drill through the data for incredibly powerful information analysis.

The type of flexibility allows you to make use of your valuable business resources in the best possible manner and offers end users instant access to information thereby empowering them to deal effectively with information overload.

Altametrics Business Intelligence Ad-Hoc Reporting Software – Handle all your Business Matters in the most Effective Manner

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Altametrics Business Intelligence  Business reports are beyond doubt the best sources of information, but sometimes you need more. Altametrics Business Intelligence sensitive and quick click ad-hoc business report builder helps you create custom business reports in a matter of minutes.

And that’s not all. If you are you a logistically challenged manager, who is way too busy to run a report, take heart. All you need to do is set the report to run at a time of your choice each day and the report will be emailed to you.

Create Ad hoc reports in easy steps. Check out how at Altametrics Business Intelligence.

Altametrics Business Intelligence makes it easy for you to create Ad hoc reports. Let’s have a look at how you can create configurable business reports in eight easy steps.

Step 1:  From the reports group menu, select configurable reporting.

Step 2: Select the first option to create or edit reports.

Step 3: To edit an existing Ad-hoc report, select it from the listing in the column under the selected report properties column.

Step 4: To add a new report, first give the report a new name.

Step 5: Next, accept the defaults in the report properties.

Step 6: In the next step, you’ll be required to select the data you want to appear on your report by clicking the data elements that are displayed in the list displayed on you right hand side. Bear in mind that Altametrics Business Intelligence handles all data automatically.

Step 7: Next, save the report and there you go. The report will automatically be added to the menu. Once saved, you will be able to see your newly created report at the bottom of the menu.

Step 8: You just need to click the report to open it.

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Altametrics Business Intelligence: Ad-Hoc Business Reporting Made Easy!

And if you are still skeptical, here is a list of some benefits you’ll receive by using ad hoc reporting tools and software. Let’s have a look;

·         Ability to Obtain Important Information at the right time

Using advanced ad hoc reporting tools help you utilize the information you need when you need it in a timely fashion. Additionally, it offers flexibility for constantly evolving business environments. As your business evolves, it becomes more important for your business to get answers to important questions when you need it.

·         Cost and Time Saving

Streamlining access to information that may help you improve your decision making process allows users to use information in the most effective manner to create reports, which saves both time and money.

·         Encourages Information Sharing and Collaboration

Using this critical information, you’ll be able to create, streamline and make reports available to users using the web for viewing. Additionally, this web based reporting application can be organized quickly and made available to end users. Once the information has been used, it empowers users to create reports themselves anytime the information is needed.

So, if you’re having a difficult time dealing with obsolete and outdated solutions and it is affecting your bottom line negatively, it’s time you learned more about Altametrics Business Intelligence ad hoc reporting software, to boost your productivity and profits and see your small business grow in a very short time.