Whether you own a restaurant or chain of retail stores, you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks to ensure your business’ efficiency and productivity while also looking to cut costs without affecting quality whenever you can. Despite having so much on your plate, you make the time to regularly check detailed reports to assess your success and revise your strategy. However, you don’t need a 30-page document to learn about your business and generate ideas to make further progress. With the help of a concise report, you can learn a lot of information through less text and within a shorter period of time.

The best way of getting shorter, condensed reports is through a concise reports generator. However, make sure that the software you use automates the following best practices.Concise-Report

  1. Targeted Reports – Make sure that the reports your application produces are actually according to specific users’ needs. For instance, your marketing department should have access to lead information and costs to improve their strategy. Not only does this make their reports more concise, but it also makes mining for information easier and quicker.
  2. Focus on Actions Rather Than Processes – You can generate compact yet informative reports by explaining the actions taken to solve a problem. This makes reading the document worthwhile if nothing notable happened since the last report. Besides, while background material helps readers relate to the report subject, excessive information can slow the report’s workflow and cause readers to lose interest.
  3. User Friendly Layout – Your report maker should be capable of presenting your data in a logical flow while reducing duplication. Not only does this ensure the conciseness of your report, but it also delivers a user friendly experience that readers would appreciate.
  4. Added Appendices – Aside from shorter versions packed with important details, reporting tools usually allow you to create detailed reports that you can add in the appendix. Aside from allowing you to create more focused reports, an appendix ensures that your readers don’t look around for information.
  5. Visual Representations – For your concise reports generator to be truly effective, it should be able to present the data you uncover in the form of visuals such as charts and graphs. That way, you can easily learn so much and save the time you would have otherwise spent mulling over text. Not only is this feature important for owners, but also for the stakeholders you may summon to a meeting.

If your concise report maker can’t deliver these, it’s time for a change. One of the applications to add on your list of possible tools is Altametrics Business Intelligence. Developed by Altametrics, this software offers you the chance to develop a number of ad-hoc reports, starting from sales reports to cash reports. These are designed to be concise yet highly informative to give you a good idea of where your establishment currently stands.

Complementing its concise report generator module is a number of modules that can give you an edge over the competition, including transaction level analysis and data visualizer. With its mobile application extending many of the software’s functions, you’ll be missing out on numerous opportunities if you choose to stick to your current system. But don’t take our word for it; request a customized demo today and let us show you how Altametrics Business Intelligence can help your business thrive.