Restaurants constantly need to generate reports to ensure that they’re ahead of the tough competition in the foodservice industry. These can be monthly, weekly or even daily depending on the reporting software you have implemented and your own requirements. However, there’s some bad news: you may be missing out on a few benefits since you didn’t opt for custom reports. If you don’t have custom reports, the following are four advantages your traditional reports are robbing you of.

Creating Ad-Hoc Reports

Custom reports are the basis of ad hoc reporting, a form of reporting that empowers users to tweak or modify existing reports and create new ones. What also makes it attractive is that it won’t use your IT resources extensively or mandate that you train your employees. However, the biggest benefit of creating ad hoc reports is making quicker decisions, thereby cutting your losses and maximizing your profits.

Discovering Data that Suits Your Needs

A custom report ensures that the data collected for your review is relevant to your decision making process. For instance, the marketing department of your chain won’t need inventory data such as how many ingredients you purchase despite it being an important element in sales reports. Therefore, you can send through documents detailing key metrics and performance indicators which they need to track to ensure your success. This saves their time while mining the data, allowing them to focus on their core procedures.

Simplifying Auditing Procedures

Whether you need to audit your inventory’s contents or your finances, all you need is to generate a custom report. Professionals in charge of these tasks may end up making mistakes if overwhelmed with data. To ensure the integrity of their deliverables, especially if they’ll end up in the hands of authorities such as the IRS, ask them about the data they need for their own reports and collect it via your business reporting software.

Checking the Health of Your Investment in Real Time

If you need to see more than what the standard daily, weekly or monthly reports offer, custom reports will help. Simply type in the metrics you want to check and you will get an idea of what’s going on at your restaurant. You can then track down inefficiencies from schedule related concerns or dishonest servers. It’s through on-the-fly reporting that you can actually detect these issues early since there’s always a chance that you won’t get the whole story from managers and supervisors.

If your current reporting system can’t create custom reports, it’s time for you to consider changing it. After all, you’re missing out on different opportunities that can increase your bottom line and cut your losses. If you’re interested in making a change, add Altametrics Business Intelligence to your list of potential reporting software options.

Altametrics Business Intelligence is specifically designed to help members of retail and foodservice industries with their business intelligence and reporting purposes. We have served hundreds of clients already and know that we can extend the same benefits to you. From ad hoc reporting to graphical representation of data, Altametrics Business Intelligence is the ideal solution for all types of reports including custom reports.

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