Personalized reports are vital for enhancing sales. If you have not experienced the benefits of
Custom-Reports-300x236personalized reports, chances are that you’ve missed many opportunities that could have otherwise improved your bottom line. However, Altametrics Business Intelligence doesn’t only generate customized reports. Altametrics Business Intelligence report generator, used in some of the top retail and restaurant chains in the U.S., can provide detailed, complete documents that help you make better and more profitable decisions.

Altametrics Business Intelligence Gives You an Edge over the Competition

Unless you’re first to the market, your chances of grabbing market share will be difficult. However, Altametrics Business Intelligence gives you the ability to receive information faster, allowing you to make decisions faster than your competitiors. Altametrics Business Intelligence custom reporting feature will help you analyze data quickly and intuitively. You also get to speed up the report generation process, eliminating the lengthy back and forth cycle thereby saving everyone’s time. What further makes this personal report builder so quick is the Data Visualizer function. By providing you with graphs and charts, you can recognize trends and make decisions in an expedient fashion.

Altametrics Business Intelligence Personalized Reports Generator Delivers an Interactive Reporting Experience

You can easily make changes and additions to your reports on the fly. By choosing report elements individually, you can personalize the results you get and get the answers you seek. This high level of interactivity will assist all the departments running the back office operations of your business.

Customized Reports from Altametrics Business Intelligence Detect Theft

One of the biggest challenges that prevent restaurants and retail stores from achieving maximum profits is employee theft. Altametrics Business Intelligence can assist managers and owners in detecting employee theft quickly. By analyzing transactions and comparing records against a watch list, the software will highlight offending transactions and allow managers to take action.

Our Reports Generator Can Automatically Deliver Your Reports

If you have a certain set of personalized reports that you’ll need on a regular basis, you can easily input a convenient time and trust the system to email your report to you. This ensures that you get the information you need in a timely manner and are not relying on that information getting caught up in the management chain.

View Altametrics Business Intelligence On Your Phone or Tablet

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can easily see all your reports in one place through Altametrics Business Intelligence. With the ability to access information anywhere and anytime, you can stay up to date throughout the day and remain on top of things no matter where you or other decision makers are. However, the biggest benefit is making profitable decisions almost instantly, making your decisions faster and more flexible, and thereby aiding your bottom line.

With so much to deliver and many ways to increase your bottom line, Altametrics Business Intelligence is the best custom report builder to have at your establishment. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what others have had to say about our software since they started using it. Better yet – get your own customized demo and let our experts show you why Altametrics Business Intelligence is the choice of top chains and many of your top competitors.