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Plays Well With Others

Immediate Access to all of Your Business Applications.

With information pulled from your POS, back office, customer loyalty, finance, scheduling, inventory, and even kitchen timer systems, you get the whole picture now, not next week.

No Lengthy Learning Curve to Slow You Down.

Altametrics Business Intelligence is easy to learn and use. Add or remove fields from reports with a click or two to get exactly what you need.

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Basic Reporting

Back Office Reports for Sales, Labor, and Operations.

Ideal for store managers, above-store leaders, and senior management teams, these key reports cover the basics that measure day-to-day performance and support their daily decision making processes.
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Basic Reporting

Detailed Sales Reports

Focus on single store details such as total sales, gross sales, and net sales to keep performance on track.

Complete Labor Reports

Keep your eye on total labor hours, overtime hours, actual vs. scheduled and other exceptions to help control one of your biggest expenses.

Efficient Operations

Establish rules to alert operators if a situation warrants attention so operators can focus on important tasks, confident they will be notified when unwanted events occur.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Create What You Need When You Need it.

Standard reports are rock solid, but sometimes you need more. Altametrics Business Intelligence intuitive quick-click report builder will have you creating custom reports in minutes.

Too Busy to Login to Run a Report?

No worries, just set the report to run at a convenient time each day and Altametrics Business Intelligence will email the report to you.
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Simplified Transaction Level Analysis

Easily Identify Trends in Cash Management and Theft.

Eliminate the burden of decoding massive amounts of transactional detail to determine trends and anomalies. Altametrics Business Intelligence analyzes every transaction, comparing them against a “watch list.” Your team uses Altametrics Business Intelligence to intuitively drill from a high-level overview all the way into offending transactions and take appropriate action.
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Transaction Level Detail
Data Visualizer

Data Visualizer

Use Graphs and Charts to Recognize Trends.

Sorting through large amounts of data in a spreadsheet or report makes it almost impossible to identify trends. But view that same data in a chart or graph and trends become obvious.
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View Any Report in Graphical Format.

Not only custom reports we create for you but also ad hoc reports you create can be viewed graphically.

Chose the Graphical Format that Works Best for You.

Reports can be displayed as line or spline graphs, bar or area charts.

Print and Save Charts Anytime.

Once the details you want are displayed, print or save the chart in any format you prefer.

Available on iPhone and Android

See Any and all Reports on Your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Your busy team is never standing still. They need 24/7 access to information on any device they choose. With Altametrics Business Intelligence, all the information they need is always there.

Management Happens Everywhere, Not Just in the Office.

Keeping up with store activities when not on site is a requirement for today’s managers and restaurant executives. With information updated throughout the day, your team can easily stay on top of things no matter where they are.
iPhone and Android

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