All in One Reporting on the Go.

Put decision-making in your pocket! Information when and where you need it. Gain access to data from POS, back office and all of the other applications you use through a single view on your mobile phone or tablet.

My Reports

With your favorite reports all in one place you can find exactly what you want in a heartbeat.


Detailed transactional analysis is only a click away. And color-coding according to thresholds you set makes it easy to detect outliers.


Keep your finger on the pulse of sales activity no matter where you are. Everything you can view in the office you can see on your mobile device too.
Labor Performance


See your daily cost of labor, average employee hours, week to date hours and more. Keep an eye on the hours worked by minors as well.

Empower Your Managers With Data No Matter Where They Are.

Life runs at a fast pace, and so do all of your managers – whether they are at the store level, in mid-management, or at corporate. Empower everyone to set the pace so they don’t struggle to keep up.

There’s no extra charge for mobile access to Altametrics Business Intelligence.

Great for Store Managers

Compare My Store to Others

Managers can see where they stand in comparison to others in the region.

Quickly Adapt to Changing Priorities

Priorities in a restaurant can change in an instant. No matter where managers are, they can take approprate corrective actions.

Easy to Know What You Want to Know

Logging into several systems is a pain. Seeing what I need all in one a place is a delight!

Loved by Decision Makers

Quick Search for Reports by Name or Description

Find what you are looking for in a moment and take action just as quickly.

Customizable Visual Dashboard

Analyze what’s trending now and be alerted to what’s really important.

Roll Up, Rank and Stack Information

Compare information across departments, districts or regions to see which locations need fine-tuning.

Reports in the Cloud

  • Access anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Identify trends through transaction analysis
  • Easily compare performance by reporting hierarchy
  • Customizable visual dashboard
  • Instant sales reporting
  • Comprehensive labor reports
  • Custom reports designed for you by our restaurant experts
  • Plus Ad Hoc reports created by you give you everything you need
Xformity Cloud

Business Intelligence has never been easier.

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