Hotel Business Intelligence That Keeps Getting Smarter

Hotels and event centers have unique business reporting requirements. Analysis of total occupancy rates, with variances for seasonality, business travelers vs. vacationers and more needs to be performed on a daily basis to help management make solid business decisions. In additon, hotels manage one or more restaurants, gift and sundry shops, and provide room service on each property. Having sales, inventory, and labor details from each of these service areas that can be sliced and diced with the crispness of a freshly laundered sheet is critical to smooth hospitality operations. With Business Intelligence that keeps getting smarter, you always know the score.

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Online Hotel Business Intelligence Software.

Hotel Business Intelligence Software

Integrates All Of Your Business Applications

Complex hotel operations require a variety of software applications, including POS, reservation systems, guest satisfaction, inventory control, labor scheduling and more. Managers and executives need to review data that resides in all of the systems and need to be able to compare data in one system with data in another. Altametrics Business Intelligence takes away the pain of system and data integration by pulling data from all of your disparate systems into one easy to use business intelligence system. Leadership doesn’t need to be concerned about where the data comes from and can easily generate ad hoc reports that contain the information they need when they need it.

Easy to Learn and Implement

Hospitality is a 24/7 operation and managers need to be prepared to step in and guide their team members at any hour of the day. With Altametrics Business Intelligence, useful business information is available in the palm of every manager, on the snartphone or tablet they prefer.

Transaction Level Details Identify Trends

Sifting through massive amounts of transactional data to find the outliers is a daunting task for most hoteliers. Altametrics Business Intelligence Transaction Level Analysis makes it easy to drill down from a high-level summary into suspect transactions and take appropriate corrective action.

View Reports on iPhone and Android

Retail operations often use inexperienced hourly employees to meet customer demands, which means that store managers and assistant managers get called in for guidance when they are not in the store. Being able to make good business decisions while off site is facilitated with Altametrics Business Intelligence mobile access to data. Store managers can see sales information, inventory values and much more at the click of a button on their smartphone or tablet, making sure those late-night decisions are the right ones.

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