Business Intelligence: Important for Today’s Restaurant Operators

Gain insight into how business intelligence can help your business grow.

Learn what Big Data is, how BI can help reduce labor and operational costs, and how to use BI to improve guest experiences through better management of wait times, accomodation of special requests and much more.

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What people have said about the Business Intelligence eBook

Patty Frances

Patty Frances, Owner, Frances’ Diner

“This ebook really opened my eyes to things that Business Intelligence does that I never expected. I can’t wait use demographics to help me understand the behavior of my customers!”

Jennifer Tanaka

Jennifer Tanaka, Head of Ops, Gaslamp Grill

“I kept hearing about Big Data, but didn’t have a clue about what it was until reading ‘Business Intelligence: Critical for Today’s Restaurant Operators’. Now I have a better picture of how to make BI work for my business.”

Tom Delang

Tom Delang, CEO, Wellington’s

“I thought Business Intelligence for restaurants only worked with POS systems. After reading this ebook, I see that there’s much more to BI. This ebook helped me understand what’s been missing in our organization.”