Restaurant operations entail every process you undertake to serve your guests. This is why they stretch beyond your kitchen systems to the dining area and all the way to your back office. Since operations determine your restaurant’s earnings, you need to make sure that they’re in sync with each other. This is where restaurant operations reports come into the picture. These documents track the performance of each operation and ensure that all investments in your business provide the most financial return.

If your management isn’t producing restaurant operations reports, you’ll be missing out on the following benefits.

Supply Chain Optimization

Profits of restaurants depend on how much they can save on ingredients. With operations reports, you can track how much you’re spending and come up with ways to cut costs without compromising value and quality. Aside from ingredients, you can make supplier-related decisions, picking the best supplier who can offer you the most for each dollar you spend.

Enhanced Workforce Productivity

Restaurant-OperationThe efficiency of your restaurant’s operations depends on your workforce’s productivity. Considering the fact that 1/3 of restaurants’ staff are inexperienced, you need to make sure that they are constantly on task. By tracking each employee’s performance and tips, you can determine individuals in your workforce who are worthy of praise and maybe a bonus, motivating others to follow their footsteps. On the other hand, you can discover inefficient individuals and get them back on track. Knowing that they’re being monitored can make your employees more diligent and enhance their productivity as well.

Profitable Predictions

Any business, be it a hotel, retail store or restaurant, needs business intelligence in order to withstand the competitiveness of its industry. With restaurant operations reports, you can easily make decisions that can boost your bottom line. For example, by learning that a new menu item has become popular, you can decide to invest more on marketing it or creating similar items. In turn, this will drive more people through your doors and maximize sales and revenue.

Accurate Menu Engineering

Operations reports will provide you with insight into what your clients order at your restaurant, providing direction to your menu engineering efforts. By providing similar items or adding ancillary items that pair well with their favorites, you can maximize your earning potential.

More Satisfied Clients

With management of your restaurant more directed, your menu more targeted and your staff more dedicated to their jobs, your clients’ satisfaction rates will increase which will ensure their loyalty to your restaurant. And you know what loyalty means – more word of mouth publicity and the chance to further increase your client base.

As tempting as these benefits may seem, you won’t be able to get them unless your operation reports are accurate. Therefore, you need to make sure that your reports generator is 100% effective. If you doubt your current system’s results, now is the right time to shift to Altametrics Business Intelligence. The business intelligence and reports generator provides comprehensive, accurate and detailed reports of all the aspects of your business, from operations to labor. The system also helps you analyze reports and view them in graphical formats such as charts.

However, these are just SOME of the many benefits which Altametrics Business Intelligence has to offer. To find out more, request a customized demo right away and see for yourself why our software is used across top restaurant chains in the U.S.