“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – Lord Kelvin

Grow-your-Business-Metrics420x330Compared to traditional businesses, the rules for achieving success in the hospitality industry are increasingly
complex and formal. Traditional business metrics completely fail to capture the key factors that drive restaurants. In the world of restaurant business, there are only a few key variables that make a big difference to future results.

With new businesses emerging at every turn, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to measure their performance. Just as in every initiative, restaurants too, must have a positive ROI to show feasibility and justify further investment. However, it’s easier said than done due to a problem that’s quite common, and that is; choosing the appropriate metrics to accurately depict the performance of your restaurant business.

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The overlap of mobile, social networks, Big Data, and Cloud is likely to continue, and further the pace of innovation; providing more flexibility and an environment that is far more “Cloud enriched”; as Cloud users wish to consume at speeds they are comfortable with, and not the speeds that the vendors try to impose on them.

Predicting patterns by analyzing data will lead Big Data firms, as real time isn’t enough anymore. Predicting what’s going to happen next, will greatly impact your success. Data-driven decisions and innovation will be key; as it’ll allow firms to focus on the aspects that matter most to your clients.

The sheer amount of data generated by everyday devices has increased significantly; firms need to analyze, make sense of, and respond to both unstructured and structured data, both in and out of the firm boundaries.

As data generated by devices increases significantly, businesses must sense, analyze, and respond to unstructured and structured data; outside and within the enterprise boundaries. Additionally, they need to detect and define all sorts of patterns, filter out irrelevant data, and ultimately predict the actions that need to be taken.

For restaurants that are looking for cost effective, efficient and easy to use software to improve their restaurant operations, Altametrics Business Intelligence offers the best solution. Through customized business reports, you can not only improve your process efficiencies but also improve your revenue stream.

Bottom line – Efficient Reporting is a must for your business

Your customers define your success!

If the customer is happy they will remain loyal to your business. On the contrary, if they are not satisfied with your service, they will churn quickly and the business will likely lose money on the investment that was made to acquire that customer.

Because of the importance of customer retention, much attention is paid on metrics that may help businesses understand customer retention and churn. Needless to say, if you fail to retain your customers, all your marketing and sales efforts are going to go down the drain and you would not want that.

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