While you may have stepped into the restaurant business due to your passion for food, culinary skills, or whatever reason, there’s no doubt that the profitability of this industry has kept you long enough to create and manage a successful business. However, you need to ensure that your business is lucrative for your sake and those whose families depend on the checks you sign. This is why you need a sales activity report.

Sales-Activity-ReportsOne of the popular restaurant reports around, this document allows you monitor the most valuable aspect of your establishment: sales. As a result, you get to ensure that your instructions are carried out, retain activities that keep your patrons satisfied, and monitor employees’ daily activity(if necessary) to reduce chances of theft and fraud. If you haven’t created a sales activity report just yet, the following are benefits you may be missing out on.

Tracking Time and Resources

Tracking sales activity, especially daily sales, allows you to learn more about the people managing and running your restaurant. This practice will show you how full the pipeline is, who is over-performing (and thus worthy of a raise and/or promotion), and how much time is usually taken into making a successful transaction. In addition to helping you identify the people who helped you succeed so far, you’ll get the chance to create your own set of best practices and optimize your restaurant’s performance further.

Detecting Exceptions

There are certain elements at your restaurant that have the power to reduce your sales. By relying on sales reports, you can detect something untoward the minute it occurs and even understand the causes behind them. Therefore, you can take remedial action and establish a winning strategy that maintains your client base and ensures more customers in the future.

For instance, a lazy or negligent server may force a manager to retain customers by offering discounts, free meals or other offers. However, this can affect your current and future sales. For now, discounts mean fewer profits at times. Down the line, you can lose that customer’s trust and even earn a negative review on services like Yelp. By knowing about this early on, you can take action swiftly before one disgruntled diner turns into 20.

Predicting Future Needs

One of the biggest advantages of a sales activity report is making predictions for the future. Careful analysis of such a report gives you the chance to detect patterns based on their behaviors and activities. For instance, as fewer people opt for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with their families, restaurants are becoming more populated on Thanksgiving. If you noticed an increase in demand over the past holidays, you can serve more tempting items that your patrons want and would be willing to pay for. As a result, identifying trends through sales will ensure a more personalized interaction.

Because your sales activity report is a very important tool, you need to ensure its accuracy. This is where Altametrics Business Intelligence comes in the picture. An online business intelligence tool, Altametrics Business Intelligence reporting capabilities have made it the choice of many top restaurants including Taco Bell and Denny’s. In addition to a variety of sales reports and other documents that track aspects of your business, the system allows users to view reports and create them on their mobile devices. Therefore, wherever you are and whenever you have the time, you can check out your establishments’ day-to-day activities and ensure maximum efficiency.

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